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I’m a UX/UI Designer with a background in Digital Marketing based in Toronto, Ontario. I’m passionate about user research and utilizing my marketing knowledge to bring the needs of businesses and their customers together to create exciting designs and experiences that just make sense.

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Shelley-Lynne Muldoon

Digital Marketing Strategist
World Sites Toronto

"Alex is a dedicated and committed marketer with a firm eye on results. Alex takes initiative and works diligently to ensure a positive outcome in all areas of marketing. While providing SEO services to Alex and her team, she took the initiative to learn how SEO works in an effort to better understand it. From a digital marketing perspective, she has a solid understanding of the many facets necessary to achieve success. She writes for her brand from a place of passion and has effectively assisted in growing our organic results."

Kirsten Joost

Creative Director
Brand Bite

"Alexandra is a highly professional, self-driven Digital Marketing Manager. Her strong communication and people skills make her an outstanding advocate for her employer. She possesses excellent organization and planning capabilities which are evident in how quickly she managed to build an online presence from the ground up. First-rate writing skills, able to adjust to any kind of situation and creative ways to promote the brand, are her strong suits."

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